Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Kozloduy Burgas built, documented, implemented and maintained a quality management system / QMS / and continuously improves its efficiency in accordance with the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard. The range is an installation and repair of energy equipment, facilities and installations in the petrochemical industry and energy.

The corporation has assigned:
- processes required for the QMS and their implementation within the entire organization;
- criteria and methods needed to ensure the effectiveness of the process operation and management;
- methods and tools required for process monitoring, measuring and analyzing;

When Kozloduy LTD assigns a process to an external contractor and if that process affects the quality, then Kozloduy LTD secures the process implementation. The way of this management is defined in the QMS.

The development of the QMS, and the whole integrated system including the environmental management, health and safety provides evidence for:
- customer satisfaction, ensuring the corporation’s success;
- execution of customer requirements by defining the processes at any time;
- detection and prevention of discrepancies as early as possible and timely elimination;
- regular check and continuous improvement of the process efficiency;

All company’s employees take an active part in the introduction and improvement of the QMS (Quality Management System) and Integrated Quality, Environment and Safety System, and implement the relevant regulations and processes.

Persons in charge of the processes implement their determination, coordination of the valid steps of the relevant process and the involvement of the participating employees. If there are deviations in the process regulations they specify the appropriate corrective and prevention measures.

The structures of our QMS are focused on the customer expectations and comply with the policy and objectives specified within the company.

Quality planning requires:
- periodical consulting with the customers in order to cover quickly the present and future requirements of the market and clients;
- annual updating of the quality objectives of the company;
- identifying of the important processes and directing them to the customer expectations;
- planning and preparing of material and personal resources to fulfill the objectives;
- constant targeting the competence of the employees to the tasks assigned to them and to the market requirements and objectives defined;
- systematic market research;
- stable service planning;
- continuous measuring, analysing and improving of the QMS and processes involved in it;

These requirements for our corporation are executed through the management of the main and auxiliary processes. Management processes are leading processes of the enterprise. They are used to define the objectives, resources – i.e. they are planned within the main and auxiliary processes and assess the business condition and process implementation.

The main processes in Kozloduy LTD are as follows:
- processes related to the clients;
- purchase and selection of suppliers;
- Fabrication process management;
- product monitoring and measurement ;
- document management process;
- record management process;

Auxiliary processes cover activities that do not relate directly to the user, but are needed for the optimal functioning of the main processes. They are as follows:
- training;
- identification and traceability;
- customer ownership;
- product protection;
- management of monitoring and measuring equipment
- maintenance and repair of industrial machinery, facilities and equipment;
- internal audits;
- management of non-compliant products;
- data analysis;
- corrective and prevention activities;

Organizational structures and output process data in our organization are defined by Quality Manual, quality procedures, ,quality instructions and etc.

Commitment and active participation of Kozloduy management team are executed in developing and maintaining of an effective quality management system. In accordance with that the management takes the following actions:
- report the importance of meeting the customer requirements in the organization as well as the requirements of the normative product documents and the conditions under which the product is made;
- determine in writing quality policy through a management declaration announced before all the employees of the company;
- guarantee that quality objectives are specified through company and staff development plans, investment plans, and etc.
- conduct a management review through customer satisfaction survey, process survey, internal audit reports, and etc.
- provide the resources needed through investment plans, action plans for implementing and maintaining QMS.

The success of our company depends on the acceptance and meeting the present and future needs and expectations of our present and potential customers. Therefore the management team defines the needs and expectations of its customers by processing the user requests and analyzing the questionnaires to assess the customer satisfaction. It determines and assesses the competition in its field.

The company's management team strives to improve continuously the efficiency and effectiveness of the quality management system. It strives to implement and update continuously its quality policy, audit results and management review. The management team defines and follows strictly quality objectives, analyzes the data received and makes corrections if necessary. An important element of the continuous improvement is the removal of the causes of discrepancies and the execution of prevention activities regarding the repeatability.

Specific organization quality management system meets the documentation and practical implementation of the requirements of BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 standard. Existing organization processes are defined and described in the Quality Manual. Their sequence and interaction are visualized through a flowchart of the processes. The type and scope of the management of the external processes is appropriate and it is defined in the QMS. All standard requirements related to the company's business activity are described in the documentation of QMS, manual and supporting documents in the volume required.

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