Here is a part of the reference sites where we successfully completed construction and installation activities for the past five years:

Lukoil Neftochim Burgas AD:
• Construction of new installations - Catalytic reforming; Gas sulphur; Automatic filling system for light fuels; Isomerization of N-butane; United operator hall; Installation HT (hydrotreater) -5 and HDG (hydrodesulphurisation of gasoline) -1; Sulfuric-acid alkylation; New tank farms – 6 pcs. x 20 000 tons and 8 pcs. x 5 000 tons.
• Reconstruction and modernization of installations: Catalytic cracking; Torch systems and new torch Z-1101; AD (atmospheric distillation) -5 and VDHO (Vacuum distillation of heavy oil) -1; Construction of an automatic system for managing the technical processes in Catalytic cracking; Installation of measuring devices for fresh water; Replacement of the signaling schemes and installation of operator stations in the HT-1,3.

Lukoil Technology Services Bulgaria ELTD
• Cable fiber network for technological process management in Lukoil Neftochim Burgas

Lukoil Energy and Gas Bulgaria ELTD
• KA-3 complete replacement of the screen system, replacement of drain system and replacement of burners
• KA-2 - Totemа Sf project related to replacement of the screen system, drum, drain system, cold and hot pack
• KA-8 - partial replacement of drain system, metal inspection and defect removal
• KA-9 - replacement of the main steam pipeline
• KA-7 replacement of drain system, partial replacement of the screen system and steam discharge system

TPP Maritsa Iztok 2
• Rehabilitation of KA -1 replacement of high-pressure pipelines and making heat treatment of the welds
• KA-7 – replacement of high-pressure pipelines
• Overhaul of KA-12 – repair of heating surfaces

TPP Maritsa Iztok 3
• Replacement of pipelines according to coupling of auxiliary equipment of TG-2; Welding and heat treatment of high-pressure pipelines in block № 2

Zaharni Zavodi - Gorna Oryahovitsa
• Production and installation of spirits pipelines

Thermal plant at Zaharni Zavodi Gorna Oryahovitsa
• Overhaul of KA-1,3

Toplofikatsiya Sofia
• Replacement of expansion gland of heating networks

Training Specialists Center (TSC) of Yasna Polyana dam
• Replacement of pipelines and stop valves

Kumeriomed AD Pirdop
• Installation of scrubber of desulphurization installation

Construction of MHEPS (mini hydroelectric power station) Mugla, Smolyan district
• Installation of pipelines Ø 1020

Kronospan Bulgaria ELTD Burgas
• Installation of steel structure for production hall

Atiya Naval Base
• Replacement of deck flooring of floating dock

“Nesebar Fort Club"; "Green Fort"; "Holiday Fort Club"; "Imperial Fort Club"; "Marina View Fort Beach"
• Construction works - internal electrical installations, metal poles and fence panels