In 2009 Kozloduy LTD decided to acquire a new production base which should meet the increasing customer demands and for better implementation of the projects approved. The total area exceeds 4 000 m2, of which over 500 m2 covered production area.

We have also our own specialized equipment, which is a prerequisite for achieving one of the most important goals for us – high-grade performance in time together with our commitments.

Kozloduy LTD has skilled staff specialized in the manufacture and assembly of products on parameters given by our clients in the following categories:
- Pressure vessels
- Heat exchangers
- Piping kits
- Industrial boilers and еtc.

In order to cope in a competitive environment, we have invested additional funds in the purchase of vehicles and mechanizing equipment which should support all the production tasks. This further facilitates our mobility and shorten the staff mobilization deadlines.