Kozloduy Ltd. gained extensive experience in the field of automation of the industrial sites over the years. The company attracted proven experts in this field upon forming the unit of I and A in 2001. Continuity and harmony reign within the team. Multiple objects, essential for the regular operation of installations within the territory of Lukoil Neftochim Burgas JSC, have been successfully completed. They are as follows:

- Replacement of the automated technological process management system (ATPMS) in Catalytic Cracking installation;
- Construction of the reserved fiber optic network between the operator room and satellite operator rooms;
- Installation of tank gauging systems in accordance with the requirements of EDTWA (Excise Duties and Tax Warehouses Act);
- Replacement of field instrumentation of “Title 1000”;
- Replacement of field instrumentation of CP "8x5000 m³";
- Replacement of field instrumentation of MTBE installation;
- Installation and coupling of instruments in unit for fuel oil heating -NT Rosenets
- Construction of gas and fire signaling systems, and video surveillance.

The Instrumentation team has worked on projects throughout the country:
- Reconstruction of the existing hall in 4,5 MW biomass power station at the town of Smolyan
- Reconstruction of A-102 unit in Agropolychim JSC, Devnya.
- and etc.

The company experts proved and continue to prove their professional skills and competence in the completion of each subsequent object. The company is desirable and sought after as a partner in the performance of specific tasks.