Kozloduy LTD company was founded and registered in the Commercial Register in 1995.

It started its business activity in Neftochim Burgas and it included the performance of repair tasks in the technological fittings and installation of new equipment. Chemical plants and TPP (thermal power plant) of the works are objects of this activity.

In the subsequent years the company has strengthened and expanded its activity in the area of petrochemistry and energy.

Kozloduy LTD currently specializes in the installation of machinery, technological fittings and pipelines in the energy and chemical industry, installation of electrical equipment, IMD (indicators and monitoring devices) and automation.

The company strengthened its position as a leader in its activities and guarantor of reliability and high quality for the past twenty years.

It has managerial and executive staff with the appropriate qualifications and long-standing work experience. Еxcellent infrastructure with an area of ​​over 9 000 m², of which 830 m² of covered production area and own specialized equipment, is a prerequisite for high-grade and timely fulfillment of the commitments made.

Kozloduy LTD has its own transport and mechanization with the licence required and high-performance machinery with computer numerical control (CNC), located in the production halls.

ISO 9001 standard of quality was introduced in 2005. BS OHSAS 18001 standard of health and safety was introduced in 2009. ISO 14001 standard of environmental management was introduced in 2010. All these standards currently are grouped into an Integrated management system.

As of 2008, by means of a certificate, issued by the State Agency for Metrological and Technical Surveillance, Kozloduy LTD provides maintenance, repair and reconstruction of:
- steam and hot-water boilers;
- pressure vessels;
- steam water and hot water pipelines;
- petroleum  pipelines and petroleum product pipelines;
- steel gas pipelines, gas facilities and natural gas installations;
- steel gas facilities and liquefied hydrocarbon gas installations;
- lifting equipment;